Cardinal Massaia Hospital

Address: Corso Dante Alighieri, 202, 14100 Asti AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 481111
Web Site:

Structure inaugurated on December 22, 2003, in the area known as the “Fontanino”.

The hospital is home to the major specialties, some of which boast health excellence at national and international level.

The name “Cardinal Guglielmo Massaia”, chosen by the citizens through the survey-referendum “Give the name to your hospital”, is in honor of the Asti missionary active in Ethiopia in the second half of the nineteenth century.

As explained by the Local Health Authority of Asti on its site, the structure of Corso Dante “is designed on the models of Northern Europeans hospitals, presents a floor plan consisting of two symmetrically opposed bodies in the shape of E. The central covered space constitutes the “square” internal, connecting point between the six side “sleeves” that house departments, clinics and services, located on three floors above ground and two basements. The sanitary activities are arranged with a system that allows to filter the user according to the degree of intensity of the required services: the clinics are open along the outer corridor of each sleeve and the doctors' offices are on the central one. In the internal level there are the departments with the nursing staff stations, the areas for patients and visitors and the hospitalization rooms with one or two seats, each room has a bathroom, air conditioning system, TV connection, nurse call with receiver from the bed”.

The hospital has level and basements parkings.

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