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The Fanfare of the Bersaglieri of Asti was born in the fifties in the Bersaglieri Section “Roberto Lavezzeri” thanks to the commitment of the then provincial president Prof. Bolla Giuseppe, Prof. Mosso Carlo and the first head master Bers. Fassone Germano.

The first outings of the new fanfare, composed of about fifteen elements, are mostly held in the Asti area; we must arrive at the beginning of the seventies, with the cousin captain Cumino Secondo, to see the fanfare at its first national gatherings. In 1984 the Cumin passed the reins to the young bersagliere Maccario Giancarlo dismissed from the fanfare of the 2nd Battership Bersaglieri "Governolo" of Legnano.

Starting with a staff of about twenty elements, the young capofanfara has managed to recruit thirty brass instruments bringing the fanfare of Asti to the level of the best fanfare on leave present in Italy.

In addition to the numerous concerts in our region and the ever-present presence at all national gatherings, the bright trumpets of the “Lavezzeri” have crossed national borders with a splendid release in Paris in 1996, in Munich at the Oktoberfest in 2003 and in Grasse in 2007.

On the occasion of the 54th Bersaglieri National Rally held in Vercelli between 19-20 and 21 May 2006, the Fanfara of Asti had the honor of being present as the official fanfare of the event. Thanks to the success obtained in Vercelli, the organizing committee of the 55th National Gathering, held in Naples in May 2007, wanted to introduce the “Lavezzeri” as a Fanfare of honor.


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