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La Mercantile

Address SP94, 4, 14030 Castagnole Monferrato AT, Italia
Tel 0141 433326
Fax 0141 592372
Opening time From Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 13:00

The property complex is located on the edge of the built-up area of the municipality of Castagnole Monferrato.

For the Castagnole Monferrato community, La Mercantile has always been the center of cultural and social life: the Golden Chestnut was held there, part of the premises are used as a Ruchè Workshop and the headquarter of the Pro Loco, and it was the area where patronal celebrations were held.

The property is directly served by the Provincial Road that connects the village of Castagnole with Scurzolengo; La Mercantile is easily accessible by road transport with estimated travel times of 15 minutes from Asti, 30 minutes from Alessandria, and about 10 minutes from the freeway tollgate that provides easy access to Turin, Milan, and Genoa.

The northern area of ​​Astigiano, where La Mercantile is located, has a great historical-architectural value: many castles and churches, especially in Romanesque style, and villages that are often useful places for the testimony of centuries-old civilizations with valuable buildings and important squares. The property in question is located on the ridge of high ground that has for a view, beyond the hills still occupied by vineyards, the 13th-century castle of Montemagno and the medieval tower of Viarigi.


Provincia di Asti

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