Asti Town Hall

Address: Piazza San Secondo, 1, 14100 Asti AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 399111
Fax: 0141 598559
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• State: Italia

• Region: Piemonte

• Province: Asti

• Coordinates: Lat. 44° 54′ 00′′ N | Long.  8° 12′ 25′′ E

• Altitude: 123 meters above sea level

• Surface area: 151,31 km²

• Neighboring municipalities: Azzano d'Asti, Baldichieri d'Asti, Calliano, Castagnole Monferrato, Castell'Alfero, Castello di Annone, Celle Enomondo, Chiusano d'Asti, Cinaglio, Cossombrato, Isola d'Asti, Monale, Mongardino, Portacomaro, Refrancore, Revigliasco d'Asti, Rocca d'Arazzo, San Damiano d'Asti, Settime, Tigliole, Vigliano d'Asti

• Postcode: 14100

• Dialing code: 0141

• ISTAT code: 005005

• Land registry code: A479

• Seismic classification: zone 4 (very low seismicity)

• Climatic classification: zone E, 2617 Degree-days

• Name of inhabitants: astigiani

• Patron Saint: S. Secondo | first Tuesday of May

• Presentation

Asti is the capital of the homonymous province.

It is the fourth municipality in the Piedmont region by population (76211 inhabitants - Istat data updated to 1 January 2018) and the sixth per area.

Known in Roman times under the name of Hasta Pompeia, it was the seat of the duchy of Asti.

In medieval times it was one of the most important commercial centers in Europe.

Asti, today, is known worldwide for its wines, celebrated in the Douja d'Or wine competition, one of the most important in Italy.

The event features the “Settembre Astigiano”.

Among Settembre Astigiano events of the greatest appeal we remember:

Palio di Asti, historical event that culminates in a race of half-breed horses, mounted without saddle, for the award of the palio

Festival delle Sagre Astigiane, enogastronomic event hosted in Piazza Campo del Palio, which for the occasion turns into the largest open-air restaurant in Italy.

The pro loco of the province of Asti propose in the square their gastronomic specialties, accompanied by wines D.O.C.G. of the territory.

The events attract thousands of people from all over Italy.

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